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2020-2021 San Antonio Wine & Rodeo International COMPETITION AWARDS

We are beaming with pride to announce our medal-winning wines in the 2020-2021 San Antonio Wine & Rodeo International Competition held on October 5-7, 2020. The competition featured over 1,000 wines from across the US and around the world. 

Congratulations to all the winners! Over 1,000 entries were judged by a highly experienced panel that selected the award-winning wines by varietal.

We are honored to have received the following medals.

St. Clair Port

Our St. Clair Port was awarded a Double Gold Medal and featured during the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo virtual Super Silent Auction fundraiser. These auction funds support the Show’s goals of benefiting the youth of Texas. To date, over $223 million has been committed to educating the youth of Texas. This year, more than 21,275 Texas students have been educationally impacted. Proceeds from the wine events benefit the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Scholarship Fund with a portion for the advancement of Viticulture.  

St. Clair Cabernet Sauvignon

Our St. Clair Cabernet Sauvignon earned a Gold medal. This initially shy wine, given ample time to aerate, opens up into a rustic, hearty wine with a nose of dark chocolate and raspberries with a hint of oak and a flavor profile dominated by cranberries and a touch of oak. A punch of acid and moderate tannins offer structure. This is a powerful wine, fit for savory meat dishes and robust, spicy cuisine.

St. Clair Mimbres Bubbly White

Our St. Clair Mimbres Bubbly White received a Gold Medal. A fun, easy-drinking white wine with a sparkly sweetness. A gentle nose of Moscato, mandarin oranges, fruit cocktail, and pears reflect the beautiful flavor profile you’ll find. 

St. Clair Brut

Our St. Clair Brut was awarded a Silver medal. This wine is crisp and dry, as you expect with a nice bubbly wine. The color is light, almost translucent with fine, soft bubbles. The taste is yeasty, crisp, and mildly acidic. Perfect for any celebration.

St. Clair Mimbres Bubbly Red

Our St. Clair Mimbres Bubbly Red earned a Silver medal. We took New Mexico’s best selling wine and added bubbles to celebrate! Mimbres Bubbly Red is a dark, cherry red wine rich with honey, vanilla, blackberry, Moscato, and light spices folded together, resulting in sweet, sparkly perfection.

St. Clair Mimbres Bubbly Pink

Our St. Clair Mimbres Bubbly Pink was awarded a Silver medal. It’s a fun, fruity, and easy-drinking rosé wine with a sparkly sweetness. A perfumed nose of Moscato, strawberry, orange blossom, and pomegranate reflect the beautiful flavor profile. 

St. Clair Merlot

Our St. Clair Merlot received a Silver medal. our Merlot is dry with slight mineral notes with roasted walnut, toast, and oak accents. Though reminiscent of the flavor profile, the nose is made more complex with a medley of ripe blackberry.

St. Clair Pinot Grigio

Our St. Clair Pinot Grigio was awarded a Silver medal. A crisp, light-bodied wine with a delightful profile of peach and honeydew.

St. Clair Chardonnay

Our St. Clair Chardonnay was awarded a Silver medal. This subtle Chardonnay delivers a light punch of acidity that lights up the palate in an unobtrusive manner, before melting away to flavors of brown sugar and apple cider. 


It’s a privilege to be a part of a company that is community-oriented. It truly an honor that our St. Clair Port was featured during the virtual Super Silent Auction fundraiser that raised funds to help educate the youth of Texas.” -Melissa Porter /Winemaker

St. Clair Wines are crafted and bottled at D.H. Lescombes Winery, located in Deming, New Mexico. Our state of the art winery is situated on 15 acres and is composed of over 50 tanks, each up to 16,200 gallons in capacity.

We continue to strive for excellence to deliver high-quality wines for our friends and their families to enjoy.

Hats off to our hard-working team! Without the hard work and support of our exceptional team, we wouldn’t be able to produce exceptional wine.

Look for these award-winning wines at retail locations near you.  

2020 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo St. Clair Medal-winning wines

We are proud to announce our SILVER medal-winning St. Clair wines awarded in the11th annual San Antonio Wine & Rodeo Wine Competition held on September 9-10 2020. The competition featured over 1,000 wines from across the US and around the world. Highly experienced and professional of judges selected award-wining wines for 2019/2020 Rodeo events.  

The auction funds support the Show’s goals benefiting youth and supporting education with a portion for the advancement of Viticulture. To date, the San Antonio STOCK Show & Rodeo has given over $210 million to educate Texas youth since inception. In 2019 alone, more than 21,200 students have been educationally impacted through scholarships, grants, endowments, auctions, calf scramble program, western art, and show premiums.

  • 2018 St. Clair Pinot Grigio
  • 2017 St. Clair Reserve Chenin Blanc
  • 2017 St. Clair Rosé Syrah
  • 2017 St. Clair Reserve Chardonnay

Great wines begin at the vineyard. With 200 acres of vineyards located in the high desert of the Pyramid Valley, just outside Lordsburg, New Mexico, we’ve found the ideal climate and soil to grow the best quality grapes. We are committed to making high-quality wines in New Mexico, made exclusively with our New Mexico-grown grapes.

“One of our core values at Lescombes Family Vineyards is Excellence. We pursue the extraordinary, even in ordinary circumstances, striving for excellence in everything we do. No matter how big or small our accomplishments are, we celebrate our team’s hard work and creativity.”-Melissa Porter/Winemaker

“This is an incredible recognition for our products and our team! The integrity of our wines is at the center of our core and it begins with our team and the care they provide to each of our wines. I couldn’t be more proud of our team for this achievement.”  -Jody Young/ Winery Operations Manager